Customised Massage Treatments - Relaxing Swedish / Deep Tissue

Select your time frame and your therapist will customise your massage accordingly to your needs.
Appointment Length includes time for your personal consultation.

30 Minutes


45 Minutes


60 Minutes


75 Minutes


90 Minutes£


Spa Find Massage Journeys

All Spa Find treatment journeys begin with a hot steamed foot compress. Your feet are then massaged with warm oils and cocooned in warm melted black mud from the Dead Sea. Nutrients from this mineral rich mud are then absorbed into your system during this treatment.

Appointment Length includes time for your personal consultation.

45 Minutes – Back of Body


90 Minutes – Full Body


Choose from the following Spa Find Massage Techniques:-

Find Comfort - Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage
Slow, deep, flowing movements predominately using arms. Forearms and elbows are utilised in this relaxing but reviving massage.

Find Tranquillity - Japanese Shiatsu Massage
Deep tissue sports style massage is used in this treatment along with a firm pressure point ‘shiatsu’ massage to stimulate the circulation and ‘iron’ out knots whilst you profoundly relax.

Find Peace - Hawaiian Hot Stones Massage
This deeply relaxing massage uses warm basalt stones where the heat from the stones goes deep into the tissues gently releasing all tension from the body. (please let us know in advance if you would like this massage so that the stones can be heated)

Warm Bamboo Bliss Massage
This massage uses natural bamboo canes that can be used warm or at room temperature. They are massaged rhythmically on the body to create a firm and stimulating massage that leaves you feeling totally refreshed and invigorated.

Massage Rituals

Warm Himalayan Salt Rocks

(includes Salt Rocks to take home)

Using warm eucalyptus oil these mineral salt rocks are warmed and then massaged all over the body for a detoxifying and gently exfoliating treatment. The rocks slowly start to disintegrate and given as a gift after the treatment to take home and use in your bath or shower.

60 mins


Spa Find Hot Hot Hot Back Ritual

This amazing warming treatment starts with a hot back compress to open pores, followed by an exfoliating back cleanse with warm mud and salt and a hot stone massage, then completed with a hot mud mask!

60 mins


Find Clarity - Indian Head massage

After the reviving foot compress and wrap, this treatment is performed on the couch and consists of a massage of the back, neck, and shoulders, and continues onto the face and scalp.

45 mins


Body Exfoliation and Slimming Treatments

Spa Find Heavenly Hydration Salt Brushing Treatment

This luxury full body exfoliation revitalises the body and mind, leaving the skin soft and smooth, using 100% natural Dead Sea salt, packed full with healing minerals. Other ingredients include, Vitamin E and Coconut Oil to nourish and invigorate the body as it is lightly polished from head to toe. To finish the treatment, we smother your skin in warmed body lotion to massage your senses.

30 minutes


Spa Find Marine Miracle Firming Wrap 1 Area 45 mins

Marine Miracle tones, firms, nourishes the skin and improves cellulite. The treatment begins with a luxury exfoliation followed by Algimud Dead Sea Mud and Seaweed mask.

It is a personalised treatment designed to revitalise specific problem areas. This modelling mask uses a unique formulation of seaweed, Dead Sea Mud and plant extracts, which have combined powerful effects to eliminate cellulite and tone the body contours.


2 Areas 75 mins


Spa Find Algi-Wrap Target and Tone 1 Area 45 mins

Algi-Wrap Target & Tone, is a powerful result driven treatment for people who are looking to firm and tone specific problem areas and lose inches naturally. Select from... Tummy Tuck, Butt Lift, Thinner Thighs and Love Handles.

Spa Find uses seaweed to detoxify, menthol oil to lift and tone, and a blend of carefully selected plant extracts including guarana, butcher’s broom and horsetail to target pockets of cellulite which give the skin an uneven, dull appearance. Minerals from the Dead Sea leave the skin feeling soft to the touch with long lasting hydration, giving an immediate improvement to its appearance.


2 Areas 60 mins


Hopi Ear Candling

A decongesting and deeply calming treatment that cleanses the ear canal of excessive ear wax, it can relieve earache, sore throats, sinus problems, stress, headaches, nerves and anxiety and excessive ear wax.

Almost all of our massage / facials/ body treatments are suitable for ladies and men. Popular male treatments include Spa Find Shiatsu Massage, Warm Bamboo Massage and Deep Tissue Massage Rituals, which offer firmer pressure if required. Please see our Male Menu for the further treatments available.

30 Minutes


Mums- to-be

Pregnancy Massage

This deeply soothing and relaxing massage will ease away every day aches and pains, and is completely safe during pregnancy.

60 minutes


30 minutes


Spa Find Beautiful Beginnings

A nurturing mum-to-be spa ritual that includes a full body exfoliation, Back, shoulder and head massage, express elegance facial and a heavenly foot and leg massage. The perfect way to take you on a journey of total comfort and relaxation.

1 hour 45 minute


Treatment add-ons (15 minutes)

£10 per add-on

  • Anti-ageing hand treatment
  • Nourishing foot treatment
  • Exquisite eyes
  • Body exfoliation
  • Dry body brushing
  • Additional massage on targeted area
  • Tanning of the face

To complete your experience

Add a Blow dry after a massage or facial £15*

(*subject to availability, with selected stylists)

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